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XPE Pharma & Science has years of experience in executive search. We can rely on an extensive network to find high-level candidates for life science companies like yours, who won’t settle for anything less than top talent.

Access to top-level candidates who will never apply online

For XPE, executive search is about much more than headhunting. We aim for long-term relationships, taking on an advisory role to help you define your needs before finding the best way to meet them.
This fits in with the personal approach that Executive Search Consultant Sandra Rizzuto attaches so much importance to. Thanks to her 13 years of experience at XPE, during which she recruited hundreds of profiles from expert to C-level, Sandra has access to a vast network which she regularly checks up on. This means that you get access to top candidates who don’t typically apply online.

A perfect match within six weeks

On average – and depending on your company flow – vacancies are filled within six weeks. This means your business can continue to run smoothly, whether you are looking for a CSO, a Business Unit Manager or a CEO. In addition, we pride ourselves on our average fill-in rate of more than 90%.

Target operation model: our six key areas

We spare no effort to find the perfect talent for your company. We only introduce you to candidates with whom every piece of the puzzle falls into place:

The prerequisite? A full understanding of your requirements, which we attain during face-to-face meetings and regular follow-up contact.

Guaranteed focus on your needs

To provide you with the best possible service at all times, we never devote ourselves to more than six search assignments at the same time. Of those six assignments, two typically consist of junior profiles, because our Executive Search Consultant is convinced that high-level life science recruitment benefits from a detailed understanding of what happens at the various levels below. In addition, by investing in the search for junior account managers or junior field engineers, we keep in touch with a generation that we can learn a lot from.

Veekash Fakun, CSO (Chief Sales Officer) Amonis:

I’ve been in contact with a lot of Executive Search specialists, and it is rare that you come across standout talent like Sandra. It was a pleasure to collaborate with her for a C-Level position.
I was particularly impressed by Sandra’s professionalism, curiosity and pragmatism: she is very challenging and manages to quickly get the full picture. She is not only an Executive Search specialist, she is driven by passion. Her approach makes also the difference: she focuses on a limited number of assignments to deliver highly qualitative service. That is exactly the feeling I’ve got when I met her for the first time and during the whole process. I am fully convinced that any employer or employee would be lucky to work with Sandra.

Daniela Vitale, Marketing Manager Vygon:

Sandra is not the average recruiter . She did an excellent job helping me apply for my current position and she did it with a vibrant, positive attitude. She was very organized and prompt and provided me with many useful tips. She successfully holds both the interest of the company and that of the candidate in her mind at all times. Sandra is extremely professional and passionate about her work. She communicates often with the parties involved, provides relevant information, asks relevant feedback after each step and makes sure every step of the process is smooth and efficient. She keeps you informed on every move she makes on your behalf.
She is committed to ongoing excellence, and if one day I need to hire people, I will give her a call immediately!
Sandra, thank you for your excellent support and coaching in helping me to land this position. You were there every step of the way! You made each step easier and your preparation guidelines were very effective. Thank you very much for matching me with such a great position!

Benoit Moreaux, Managing Director Nikkiso Medical Belgium

I started working with Sandra Rizzuto in 2013 to create the Nikkiso Belgium Team. The last three years, Sandra helped Nikkiso on more than 10 positions. More recently Nikkiso was looking one of the biggest R&D project a Senior Project Leader with at least 15 years of R&D experience in the acute dialysis, project and people management skills, team player and strong leadership. The position was based in Germany in a non-medical area which complicated the search. Sandra successfully identified someone from our competitor in EU. Between the signed contract with XPE and the signed offer by the candidate only two months have been necessary to Sandra identifying the right candidate. Today the candidate is working with us since nine months and only positive feedbacks from his team, peers and senior management have been received.
Sandra is a person who understands the customer needs and the company mentality & philosophy. She is capable to translate the hiring discussion with the customer into competencies, skills, mentality and behavior that the right candidate should have to fit within the job description and brings an added value to the company.