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XPE’s patient support program drastically increased treatment adherence

Asked by a health insurance company to design a support program for patients with an increased risk for cardiovascular events, XPE helped increase patient health literacy and treatment adherence.


Patients with an increased risk for developing cardiovascular events typically take three different preventative medications. Yet the client, a Belgian health insurance company, noticed that the number of events in this patient group did not decrease, possibly because patients did not understand treatment instructions and thus failed to adhere to treatment recommendations. XPE was called in to create a patient support program.


XPE’s experts set up a program in which no less than one hundred patients are consistently supported by a qualified nurse. This healthcare professional provides patients with clear and up-to-date information on their disease, on treatments and their benefits, and on the risks associated with non-compliance. XPE took care of the entire patient support program, from clearing legal issues to measuring the efficiency and effectiveness of the program.


After the patient support program had been in place only six months, the client started seeing an increase in patient health literacy and treatment adherence – and thus, in patient safety and wellbeing.