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XPE launched a publication platform for a leading pharma company

XPE Pharma & Science developed a tailor-made publication platform to help a global pharmaceutical company publish hundreds of documents in time, and in accordance with publication ethics.


The client in question wanted to disseminate his clinical trial results. But this resolution proved quite a challenge: not only does the company conduct a vast amount of clinical trials (resulting in an equally vast amount of publications), it also requires an active contribution from many different parties (like company experts and study investigators) and it is subject to complex ethical and regulatory requirements. Therefore, the client needed help managing his publications.


XPE Pharma & Science came up with a fully outsourced solution, in the form of a publication platform operated by three teams:

1. A team of highly educated medical writers who create top-quality content for medical conferences and medical journals.
2. A second team of publication coordinators responsible for the day-to-day project management and the communication between client, study investigators and medical writers.
3. A third team of support staff, and an XPE quality assurance manager, who take care of all archiving and quality control requirements.

New writers and coordinators are coached by dedicated trainers, who guide them through the platform and the project, so even the least experienced employees can deliver superior service.


Thanks to the platform, the expectations of all parties are met and the publications are delivered in time. Our on-site archiving efforts satisfy the client’s auditing needs as well. The net result? Every year, over 200 documents are developed in such a way that they meet all requirements on publication ethics and publication timelines.