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XPE did a full retrospective study for a client’s reimbursement request

XPE Pharma & Science conducted a full retrospective study that allowed a Belgium-based pharmaceutical company to file its reimbursement request in time.


A Belgium-based pharma company with a product for treating blood cancer was faced with a very strict deadline. The Belgian government reimbursed their product, but the funding period was drawing to a close. For their extension request, the client had to clarify some issues concerning the real-life use of their product, and they had to provide the relevant data within three months’ time for the request to be considered. The company called in help to conduct a massive retrospective study.


XPE’s clinical experts got no less than twenty healthcare centres on board. With their support, the team could set to work on the required retrospective study. They drafted contracts, notified the relevant ethics committees and got the necessary approvals, wrote a survey protocol, developed and implemented an electronic form, and trained the healthcare centres to use it and encode the data. Once the data were gathered, the XPE professionals analysed the findings and prepared a study report.


Within the three-month deadline, our teams managed to conduct a full retrospective study and prepare the study report required for a successful submission of the reimbursement request. This allowed the client to submit his reimbursement request in time.