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XPE’s e-registry system got a client approved for reimbursement

XPE developed an electronic registry system that allowed the local branch of a global pharma company to meet the government’s requirements for reimbursement while safeguarding patient privacy.


INAMI-RIZIV reimburses the drug of the company in question, but only for one treatment cycle. So in order to be approved for reimbursement, the client needed, first of all, to report to the government authorities the monthly number of patients treated and, second, ensure them that these patients had not received treatment previously at a different hospital. To further complicate matters, our client was bound by privacy laws. They requested the help of XPE Pharma & Science.


XPE put an electronic registry system in place to collect the necessary information without presenting personally identifiable information about the patient. To this end, they came up with a unique decoding system using the patient’s social security number: the pharmacists enter it in the system, which immediately transforms into a unique identifier that cannot be retraced to any personal data. Moreover, the system only collects information on the drug itself, such as quantity and dose.


XPE manages all aspects of the data collection, providing the client with concise monthly updates and complete annual reports that meet the government’s requirements. In addition, the team continues to provide administrative support and to raise awareness of the system among hospital pharmacies.