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Compliance Specialist


In your function as a compliance specialist, you will implement global compliance policies (mainly related to interactions with healthcare professionals) into local standards. You will develop training tools to facilitate our client's associates’ understanding of the standards and will check the conformity of the global policies with local laws and industry codes under the supervision of the Head Legal. You will drive the compliance self-monitoring plans and will regularly perform sample checks and controls within the identified risk areas. You will work on remediation actions and improve existing procedures. You will be the company’s single point of contact for compliance related matters.

Function information

· Implement Compliance standards based on internal policies such as Code of Conduct, Guidelines on interactions with HCPs, marketing practices and all applicable local laws and regulations.

· Oversee local requirements relating to national law and national industry codes and ensure that all business practices conducted in the cluster comply with such requirements and with the global minimum standards as contained in company-wide policies.

· Facilitate the establishment and communication of local processes and SOPs, covering Promotional Content, Interactions with HCPs/Patients and Grants and any additional local requirements.

· Organize local annual training plans, covering compliance standards. Create easy to use training tools

· Conduct onboarding and refresher training on compliance standards, such as Code of Conduct, Corporate Citizenship guidelines, promotional practices and other relevant compliance related areas.

· Champion ethical tone throughout the organization, e.g. promote compliance standards

through effective communication by actively involving local Senior/Middle Management to leverage messages on compliance and maintain a high level of awareness.

· Foster ethical behaviour through the inclusion of criteria related to compliance in associates

Objectives / Incentives.

· Conduct compliance-related risk assessment.

· Execute and document self-monitoring plans and implement corrective actions if necessary.

· Engage in Global Compliance Initiatives.

· Backup approver of the Head of Legal & Compliance in the compliance approval tools.

Take care of corporate governance files


· Bachelor degree (in law, economics, or similar)
· Local languages (Dutch and French) and English (must be fluent in English)
· At least 5 years working experience preferably in the healthcare industry, in a compliance/audit/legal function
· Proven ability to proactively provide insightful and timely support to stakeholders across a functionally and geographically-dispersed organization.
· Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
· Persuasive negotiator and ability to influence internal and external stakeholders.
· Solid understanding of the healthcare industry and customer needs with an ability to deduce the implications for our client and implement solutions
· Passion for business integrity topic and impeccable integrity track record.
· Strong knowledge of compliance issues facing healthcare businesses.
· Experience with corporate responsibility and with balancing global standards and local cultures.
· Ability to successfully work in cross-functional teams.
· Strong ethics & high personal integrity
. A natural authority with the character to resist business pressure.
· Ability to question and improve the status quo.
· “Get-things-done” mentality i.e. result-driven, disciplined and excellent in multi-tasking.
· Good change agility.
· Flair for rapid, elegant solutions - avoiding legal “over-engineering” whilst fully protecting our client's rights.


You will receive a fixed XPE-contract.  
You will receive a lot of responsibility because the Head of Legal and Compliance will handover all Compliance related matters. 


Asmae El Addad 


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