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Take the challenge and start as a consultant for XPE Pharma & Science!

Today we have a client where we are looking for 1 consultant that are eager to become an operator in a one of the most innovative FMCG in Belgium. You just graduated or you have a limited working experience and you have knowledge in Mechanics and instrumentation...


XPE Pharma & Science is part of the Adecco group. As HR expert we give you the chance to be in contact with the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world.

Function information

  • General task list for operating the SUD equipment including supporting operations
    - SUD test unit for scale up
    - Quality control, pouch picking & packing as required for the daily work
    - Understanding and following the workflow of the BIC MSU as described in the SOP00596

  • Before the trial, pro-actively ensuring
    - Availability to follow the agreed schedule set by P&G representatives or working a mitigation plan
    - Aligning expectations of the tests (technical or organizational (timing, target volumes) with the P&G MSU unit leader/ transformation    practitioner

  • During the trial:
    - executing with excellence the making recipe provided by the P&G MSU unit leader. This includes being able to all safety and quality guidelines and procedures at all time.
    - executing with excellence standard mechanical change overs required to complete the set test plan
    - logging in any potential deviations from the standard procedures in the test request or change management system depending the complexity or potential safety risks or QA implications
    - stock checking of standard materials and refilling when required e.g. PVA films, solvents, bags and tubs, …

  •  Our client expects all significant and non standard equipment changes (e.g. those that require significant mechanical, electrical changes, updates of procedures, new validation work …) to be led and executed by another team (RDSS and MSUC operations team). This will be clarified via the change management system.

  • After the trial:
    - Resetting the unit back to basic condition
    - Cleaning the equipment back to starting condition
    - Verifying with the unit leader if the finished products are meeting the release expectations and aligning adjustments if required
    - Being able to handle autonomously all quality control (QC) requirements for SUD and packout
    - Being able to execute with excellence all TAMU (visual assessment tool) and QC tests for all experiment
    - Being able to pack SUD products according to packing instructions (set by PG unit leader)

  • Being self-directed and actively complying to all safety (HS&E) and quality (QA) guidelines, trainings and procedures. This includes
    - Verifying if all safety guidelines are followed before starting an experiment
    - Reading and complying strictly all required safety trainings, qualification requirements
    - following all housekeeping requirements / micro and gowning requirements and maintaining high level of cleanliness
    - recording in a clear manner the observations made during the trials in the repository defined by the unit leader


  • has a good sense of mechanics and instrumentation
  • has basic skills of running process via HMI or has a good level of expertise in the process of converter productions

  • Can independently prepare the test set up: e.g. verify raw material specs and references, read and understand the test limits and objectives etc.

  • Generates repeatable, reliable and accurate test datashows interest and responsibility

  • Able to handle mechanical set ups and change over > experienced mechanic either through education or experience but preferably hands on experience in assembled industry

  • Degree of base mechanical skills e.g. able to handle changes associated to the UD converters autonomously

  • Able to handle autonomously over 80% of the mechanical process related issues

  • Fluent in English (written & spoken)

  • Knowledgeable in use of outlook

  • Cispro basic understanding 

  • SOP00596 (basic workflow of the BIC MSU – via internal system)

  • Nice to have: sharepoint; basic understanding of the use of a sharepoint site

  • Excel: basic to medium level of understanding, required to read and complete the test plans as provided by P&G

  • Skill block as defined by BIC MSU qualification system per unit (so depending converter/DUTS/up/multi up/new macro converter

    Nice to have:

  • basic PLC understanding for operation of converters and DUTS

  • mechanical skills for basic machine changes

  • Maintains attitude of flexibility


This vacancy is something for you and you cannot wait to apply? Send your CV today and we hope that we can soon meet you.

If you are not convinced yet? Just call me, you can find my personal information beneath. Hopefully we can welcome you soon at our Great Place to Work!

Andrea Baetens +32 (0)10 80 71 15


Andrea Baetens

010 80 71 15

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