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Our client develops treatments for some of the most devastating disorders and complex medical challenges of our times, including cancer, hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, diabetes, arthritis, dementia, and mental disorders. We focus our research on six strategic pathological areas: oncology, neurosciences, infectious diseases and vaccines, immunology, cardiovascular and metabolic disorders and pulmonary hypertension .

Function information


  • Coordination Medical Event planning & prepare/execute health care compliance (HCC)sensitive cross-border events (?30 HCPs) and Educational Grant/Consultancy or speaker agreements, within specific Therapy Area or compound, aligning closely with EMEA MAF colleagues, internal functions such as HCBI, P2P, procurement and external partners including Agencies and health care professionals (HCPs); 
  • Overall budget tracking and follow-up, working closely with budget owners within MAF to ensure that the budget is spent according to the business plan; 
  • Ensure compliance with HCC and Transfer of value requirements. 

Main activities/tasks: 

  • Medical Event Planning 

Coordinate the planning of Medical HCC sensitive Events with the EMEA MAF team(s), working with Medical education science relations managers (MESRL), EMEA Medical Programme Leads (EMPL), EMEA medical affairs director (EMAD), EMEA medical advisors (EMA); 

Attend or organize Medical Event planning meeting(s) for their respective EMEA MAF team(s) and contribute to review of annual plans for Medical Events, Educational Grants and Consultancy agreements; 

Proactively reach out to Event/Grant/Consultancy agreement owner (or escalate) in case of discrepancy between Annual planning and currently requested activities. 

  • Event Project Management 

Responsible for preparation, set up, conduct and closure of Medical Events with less than 30 external participants; 

Together with internal event owner, select & contract medical communication and logistics agency for each event, ensure compliance with established rate card as determined by procurement 

For event with less than 10 external participants, act as primary contact point for external participants and medical communication agencies; 

For event with less than 10 external participants, arrange all the logistic for the meeting and the external participants; 

For events between 10 and 30 external participants, act as primary contact point for medical communication and logistics agencies; 

Closely work with the EMEA Event Support (P2P) team to follow contract and payment processes; 

Close and reconcile events against agreed budgets. 

  • Educational Grant/Consultancy or speaker agreements management 

Together with the team, obtain the required documentation for submission; 

Advise the requester on local HCC requirements or specificities; 

Closely work with the EMEA Event Support (P2P) team to follow contract and payment processes. 

  • HCBI tasks 

Management all HCBI aspects related to event project management (?30 HCPs) and Educational Grant/Consultancy or speaker agreements management: iCONNECT submission, exception or incident, post event reconciliation, filing and archiving, Transfer of Value (ToV) and disclosure. 

  • Budget management tasks 

Follow-up with involved agencies their budget estimates and work orders/contract; 

Request PO numbers and work closely with the EMEA Event Support Team (P2P); 

Follow up on invoices and reconciliations; 

Responsible for budget planning, tracking and reporting of small events, research grants and consultancy agreements activities; 

Responsible for budget tracking for EPMLs in evidence generation team, by consolidating information acquired from global clinical operations (GCDO) and the finance department; 

Support consolidation of their respective EMEA Medical Affairs Product team(s) budget – in accordance with finance update cycles, escalating budget discrepancies as appropriate. 

  • General 

Ensure that all activities are carried out in compliance with regulatory guidelines, HCBI and company policy; 

Maintain open communication and cooperation with other individuals in EMEA Medical Affairs Team to ensure knowledge exchange and sharing of good practice; 

Act as Subject Matter Expert “Champion” on at least one business process related to Medical HCC sensitive event or budget management (act as go-to expert, train others,eg finance, TOV, P2P, advisory board), and provide advice and input into the EMEA MAF and related organisations into these topics; 

Look for efficiencies and improvements in the related business process.


Essential knowledge & skills:

  • Excellent interpersonal, organizational skills, time-management skills and communications skills, both written and verbal
  • Proven skills at developing and managing varied relationships within and outside the company
  • Ability to identify and resolve issues that arise during execution of task
  • Project management skills 
  • Knowledge of intern travel policies (AMEX), and internal systems used (including Concur, ICD, Cornerstone, eMP, LYNX and others) 
  • Awareness of, and advanced training in, Healthcare Compliance Business Integrity (HCBI)
  • Perfect knowledge of event creation and management in iConnect and TOV disclosure aspects in HPR.


  • Experienced in working in a complex matrix / virtual environment 
  • Familiar with the systems: iConnect, ICD, Cornerstone, LYNX, J&J conferencing 


An interesting salary with extra-legal benefits depending on  your degree, experience and expertise. We offer meal vouchers, group- and hospitality insurance.


You need more information? Call me at 02/801.16.65

Ready to apply? Please send me your CV and your cover letter for this position : sybille.ponet@xpepharmascience.com

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