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QC technician


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We are looking for a Consultant as QC Technician , so keep on reading!


In the MSUC characterisation department you will operate with excellence high end as well as standard characterization techniques used within the upstream stability and rheology and characterization teams.

According to well defined operating procedures and versus testing plan aligned with operation leader weekly.

Function information

More specifically you will:

  • Help in different stability projects: Prepare samples, put them in different stability rooms, and do the correspondent measurements overtime to them to see how the temperatures affects to them (measure: rheology, particule size, color change, particle volumen....)

  • Make requests and shipments for measurements that have to be done outside the company.

  • Run stability tests depending of requests (DALT cabinet) , that takes 24 hours to see if the samples fails overtime.

  • Upload results to the corresponding databases.

  • Process data in JMP.

  • Give support to the stability team whenever is needed.

In general you:

  • Running analysis test on products and samples supplied by the teams, applying safety and QA guidelines. Involvement in product preparation but this will be only limited to same preparation and conditioning prior to testing “E.G mixing of intermediates pre prepared by the team) and according to recipe and procedure indicated by  the personnel. Involving in product development stages and pronject
  • Helping generate the supporting analytical data under standard operating procedures that have been pre-established, I.E. data collection and report from the different characterization techniques, sharing this to technical experts/operation leader
  • Providing ongoing instrument cleaning, maintenance of laboratory equipment as well as performing equipment verification according to standard procedures, replenishment of laboratory supplies and consumables.
  • Following all SOP
  • Following all safety and QA procedures
  • Be familiar with the capabilities and the procedures for using all equipment – including base characterization tools
  • Learn standard equipment operating and the procedures for using all equipment – including base characterization tools
  • Learn standard equipment operating and routine analyses procedures carried out with /characterization/upstream stability, including particle sizae distribution, microscopy, ph,
  • Maintenance, upkeep of laboratory equipment
  • Managing and organizing the storage of equipment parts, ensuring that nothing is lost and that everything is available when needed
  • Highlighting need to replace and broken/missing equipment in a timely manner so that we replace it before its needed again


  • Bachelor  Degree in chemistry
  • Dutch and English mandatory
  • Ability to work autonomously
  • Experience in microscopy and particule characterization
  • Very disciplined, and ability to follow procedures.
  • Accurate and precise.


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