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Quality Chemical Scientist


For one of the world’s largest consumer packaged goods companies, we are looking for a Quality Chemical Scientist. Our client is consistently ranked as a preferred supplier by leading retailers throughout the industry. They are also frequently recognized as the industry leader in a wide range of capabilities, including clearest company strategy, brands with purpose, strong business fundamentals and innovative products and programs. 


As solution provider and partners are we responsible for the recruitment process .

As a full-service organization, XPE Pharma & Science offers a unique combination: highly-qualified scientific, technical, commercial and/or medical experts available through staffing, consultancy, project management or project delivery services.

More than 250 of our XPErts help our clients in different phases of the development process of a drug/medical device or product. The sectors include Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Medical devices, Agri-food Industries and the Healthcare & CRO environment.

Function information

Data quality analyses under the REACH regulations:

  • Pricing the studies and preparing Confidentiality and Data Access Agreements 
  • Issuing invoices for the clients 
  • Forecasting REACH budget and keeping up-to-date REACH forecast vs. actual spending/data sales through the fiscal year 
  • Tracking legal entity changes for P&G legal entities based in EU to assure REACH compliance continuity 
  • Qualifying the supply chains for REACH compliance (Team work) 
  • Preparing reports for external REACH Audits 

Support Fabric & Home Care care REACH & Chemical Management work:

  • Set up the regulatory framework of the Legal Entities to be used globally, across BUs for the tracking and reporting of chemical shipments, in compliance with chemical control laws. Align with Taxes and Legal on an on-going basis, set the structure in the relevant IT tools linked to SAP, and monitor changes (divestitures, merging, and acquisitions).
  • Manage the technical and financial flows linked to the GPS data sharing to enable chemical registrations  and strategic suppliers, X-BUs, globally.
  • Execute the supply chain qualification in compliance with chemical control laws X-BUs, globally.


Required qualifications and conditions: 

  • Multilingual background and experiences.
  • Very good multilingual communication skills, both oral as written.
  • Ability to work autonomously
  • Very disciplined, and ability to follow procedures.
  • Accurate and precise.
  • 5-10 years' experience
  • Being able to respect deadlines.
  • Knowledge on REACH.
  • Ability to detect lacks in Safety Data Sheets.
  • Good MS Office skills.


Why work as a consultant for XPE Pharma & Science?

XPE is a part of Adecco, one of the Top 5 companies within the 'Great Place to Work' ranking

At XPE Pharma & Science you're not just a consultant, you are one of a kind.

Our HR Talent Managers value Talent and build client-focused solutions with that in mind. They are dedicated to help you boost your career. This by coaching sessions, development centers and performance reviews.

Respect and professionalism are at the basis of our job. We are willing to go the extra mile for and with you.


Asmae El Addad


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